NTC Services

Our customer tailored programs and activities are a.o. : 1. support activities like market research, realising an export strategy and export marketing plans, finding and selecting partners, subsidies, investment planning and execution, 2. trade missions, inspiration- and study tours and 3. trade exhibition participation & Congresses.

We often closely work in consignement or together with partners such as the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Netherlands Embassies, sector organisations, trade development boards, NGO's, World Trade Centers, trade fair organisers, etc...

We plan and execute our activities focussed on the core values, products, market and sector of the respective customer and with a can-do and results oriented mentality, hands-on and with pragmatism and humour.
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Opening times

maandag               9:00–17:00

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Sales support

Preparation is key to success!

NTC supports with the following:

Market research reports and sector studies - Know the facts and figures & exact market opportunities before starting! It prevents mistakes and saves valuable time.

Market entry strategy - A valuable tool for finding the right partner.

Matchmaking - Solid partner selection is key. All aspects of our proven successful matchmaking process are covered... for 1 or for 100 companies simultaneously!

Subsidies - We assist in national as well as international and EU projects and also use them to ligthen the costs of projects.

Your Export Manager -We also travel on your behalf to visit specific customers or participating in trade fairs to find partners and execute the marketing of your products. Thats what you call hands-on!

Coaching & Advice - Concerning company strategy, export plans, overcoming export hurdles, etc..
Also using SIB coaching vouchers.

Trade missions, inspiration- & study tours

Trade mission and tours we can organise for you from A to Z, both for our part in the Netherlands as well as the local organisation through our trusted partners in the respective countries.

Contents vary per mission but could be for example: country- & specific sector information, finding market opportunities, intake meetings, matchmaking, store checks, visits to companies in the specific sector, chambers of commerce, governmental organisations, trade clubs, NGOs, etc...

All logistics like travel, hotels, restaurants, etc. including specific individual requirements and marketing aspects of the mission are in good hands with us.

In case there are dignitaries present we know the formalities and how to keep everyone happy. We know it requires flexibility and improvisational ability.

Wheter it is a cheese making study tour for Pakistani famers, an outgoing trade mission to Uganda in agricultural machinery, an incoming mission from the USA in fashion or an inspiration tour in the design sector to Milan or Paris we take care to make it an outright success.

Trade exhibition participations, Congresses & Workshops

We organise individual stands as well as large collective (country)pavillions and take care of everything so you can concentrate on your business.

Our international network of stand builders is comprehensive.

Participation in a trade fair is ideal to communicate with existing partners, find potential partners, gather market information and market your product . A collective pavillion is also ideal to connect with the other participants to help each other and exchange market information.

In cooperation with the NL Embassies, trade fair organisers, local trade clubs and others we offer many extras such as network parties and dinners, award givings, workshops, study tours, etc...

We also organise small and larger congresses and workshops in the Netherlands or outside in any sector required.

All activities can be organised on-line as well!


Dutch Design Collective at Shoppe Object - February 5-7th 2023 New York

Dutch Design Collective at Shoppe Object - August 13th-15th 2023 New York

Agricultural trade mission and visit EVOKE AG - March 17-24 Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia

Dutch Design Collective at IMM - June 4-7 2023 Cologne

Dutch Design Collective at Maison et Objet - September 7-11 2023 Paris

For further information see under the tab: upcoming events or contact Joost van Dam (T+31(0)6 51212573